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Holiday Giveaways # 10 – 100pc Magna Tiles


The first time I wrote about Magna-Tiles in 2007, I called them one of “the best kept secrets in the world of toys.” These days, the word is out and we can hardly keep these in stock. But the clear Magna-Tiles are always much more popular than the solid ones. I was on that bandwagon too – at first. The clear sets are beautiful, with vibrant, translucent tiles soaked in modern hues. The solid tiles are far less visually interesting, and the color combinations can be a little bizarre. But here’s the new best kept secret about Magna-Tiles: the solid tiles are better for three-dimensional building.

Some people have scoffed at this, but I know it is true. We have the clear tiles at home, and my parents have a set of the solid ones. At my parents’ house, my kids build massive structures, tall and stable. At home, they try to replicate those feats of engineering, but the clear blocks collapse before they reach the top, so they default to less ambitious plans or two-dimensional designs. Both sets are great fun, but the solids are just more, well, solid.

Today’s giveaway is a 100 piece set of solid Magna-Tiles. Enter to win.

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