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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Holiday 2016 Toys: Our predictions for the hottest toys this year!

Holiday 2016 Toys: Our predictions for the hottest toys this year!

toys holiday 2016 meeperbot

The Meeperbot lets kids control their own LEGO creations using a smartphone as a remote control!

It’s hard to predict what toys will take off in any given year, but we know what kids like, and we know they’ll love these upcoming products. Keep an eye out – they’ll all be coming to Magic Beans soon!


Skullduggery Max Traxx Tracer Racers RC Sets, $119.99-199.99 for sets with tracks
Want something that will really WOW a little boy this holiday season?  These sets come with over 30 ft off glow in the dark track and have special cars that Light Trail Technology, leaving behind super cool streaks of light. It looks like the little cars are “burning up” the track!

Kahootz Spirograph Junior, $24.99
When Spirograph was re-launched in 2013 it was a huge hit, and we couldn’t keep them in stock that holiday season!  Spirograph toys have been a favorite for years, and now younger kids will be able to have fun with those rings and gears. It’s a mix of art and math, so much fun!

toys holiday 2016 micro mini2goMicro Kickboard Deluxe Mini 2 Go Scooter, $129.99
Looking for the perfect gift for a 2 year old that will get used for years to come? This update on the Mini2Go is it! It grows with your child from a both-feet-on-the-floor ride on (with a compartment for storage, or a plush pal) into a height-adjustable scooter. I love the underseat storage, because let’s be honest, parents never have enough hands!

Spin Master Air Hogs Star Wars XL Millennium Falcon, $299.99
At almost 3 feet in length, this incredibly realistic remote control spaceship is going to be just as hot among adults as kids. With up to 30 minutes of flying time in 1 charge, and an extra crash-resistant design, you’ll almost feel like you’re really in a Star Wars movie!

Play Visions Floof Bucket, $19.99
Is it dough? Is it putty? Is it snow? This super-light molding compound is extra-malleable and will never dry out. Really! Great for kids of all ages, and fun for adults, too.

Meeperbot, $49.99
Build your own vehicles with your toy bricks, and then make them move with these Bluetooth-enabled remote controlled toys! You can use your smartphone or other similar device as the controller. It’s got that wow factor, and encourages kids to get creative, too.

toys holiday 2016 green toys farmGreen Toys Playsets, $49.99
The Farm and Fire Station playsets we saw at Toy Fair are coming soon, and they include everything your toddler needs for pretend-play fun, all made from recycled milk cartons. The animal figurines are so cute!

Elenco Snap Circuits 3D Illumination, $59.99
Build STEM skills while building over 150 3D projects! This kit, which we first saw at Toy Fair 2016, includes circuits, fiber optics, an image projector, and more, and can combine with any other Snap Circuits set so your little engineer can get truly inventive.

Ravensburger Science X Smartscope, $44.99
Use your smartphone or tablet with this “smartscope” to magnify almost anything!  Comes with two magnification levels and an array of items to learn about, plus instructions to make your own slides.This combo of science and technology lets kids really explore the world they live in.

Orb Factory PlushCraft Patch Studio, $19.99
Make 6 unique patches to wear on your clothes, backpack, notebooks, and more! PlushCraft is addictive and fun but doesn’t make a mess at all, making it a great craft for a quiet day.


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