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Hello, Bugaboo Donkey

Hello, Bugaboo Donkey


Update 6/21/2017: Bugaboo Donkey 2017 available now. Shop all Bugaboo at Magic Beans.

Bugaboo today unveiled their new double stroller, the Bugaboo Donkey. I have to confess, I did see the Donkey when I was in Amsterdam in April, but I was bound by a non-disclosure agreement. However, with the debut of the stroller at the annual Kind + Jugend show in Cologne today, my gag order is lifted.

Since the debut of the Bugaboo Frog in 2003, parents have been clamoring for Bugaboo to unleash their design chops on a stroller that could carry two. When we heard Bugaboo was bringing us over to Amsterdam, we guessed we were going to see a double stroller and we hoped it would be worth the wait.

It was.

The Donkey is brilliantly designed to convert from a single stroller (Mono) with a small sidecar for parcels into a robust and fully-featured side-by-side double stroller (Duo).

As a single, it is 23″ wide at the wheel base – exactly the same as the Bugaboo Cameleon. It looks wider, but that’s an optical illusion due to the wider handlebar. It functions the same as a traditional Bugaboo, but the seat is a little narrower. You can convert the bassinet into the stroller seat, and face the seat towards the parent or out to the world. The seat reclines. Best of all, you can fold it in one piece, and it stands when folded. The expandable side shopping basket can hold toys, snacks or a small bag, plus there’s a very generous cargo basket under the seat.

As a double, it is a dream come true. Two sleek seats, side by side, that recline and orient independently, so you can place each one in either a forward-facing or a rear-facing position. The conversion requires just three clicks — the frame has three connection points to release and then the frame telescopes open, widening the space that had been occupied by the side shopping basket. The second seat clicks into place, and you’re on your way. The duo configuration also folds in one piece and stands when folded for optimal space management. It’s just 29″ wide, so it will fit easily through standard doorways and through the aisles at your favorite store.

The Bugaboo Donkey has 10″ front wheels (larger and more robust than the Cameleon stroller), 12″ rear wheels and sweet white wall tires all around. When I pushed the stroller, I was amazed by how good the handling was. Despite the extra width in the Duo mode, the Donkey delivers the smooth steering, suspension and responsiveness parents have come to expect from a Bugaboo stroller.

The Donkey can accommodate a child up to 37.5 pounds in each seat. Though it can be folded in one piece, you can remove the seats for a very compact fold that should fit in all but the smallest car trunk.

In my opinion, Bugaboo did an incredible job with this stroller. It offers an unprecedented range of functionality and a beautiful design. The expandable frame is pure genius and it gives families the ability to use the stroller both before and after they need it for two kids. In fact, the only questionable thing about it is the name.

Donkey? Really? For this stroller, I’ll learn to love it.

I love the video below, which features two of the people we met with at Bugaboo. I think it gives some great insight into the amazing people behind this product and the level of thought and consideration that went into the stroller at every stage.

Meet the team behind the new Bugaboo Donkey from bugaboo on Vimeo.

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