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Have wheels, will travel

TrunkiGet this: the Trunki is a hard suitcase on wheels that doubles as a ride-on toy. And if that weren’t cool enough, there’s a strap you can use to tow weary tots through the airport. It’s brilliant, plain and simple. And when they come in to our store, I will be the very first on line to buy one. Two, actually.
The suitcase fits a good amount of stuff (5 gallons worth, whatever that looks like), and it’s made from a very heavy duty, high quality plastic. The maximum weight is a whopping 110 lbs. I love that the Trunki is so multifunctional. It’s a suitcase for the trip, a mode of transportation at the airport and a toy at your destination.

Designed by British designer Rob Law, the Trunki is meant for children ages 3-6 and should always be carried on board as hand luggage. For more information, visit

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