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Have a happier New Year’s Eve, with a little fake-out from Netflix!

Everyone loves a New Year’s Eve countdown, and kids don’t want to be left out. Unfortunately, a bit of parental indulgence on that special night can lead to some parental headaches the next day, when that lost sleep turns your kid into a little crankypants. Or, your kid may involuntarily conk out before the ball drops, and be upset about missing it the next day.

So while deceiving your children is generally frowned upon, this might be an occasion to employ a little subterfuge, and Netflix has a clever tool to help: they’re offering a variety of three-minute countdown videos for kids, featuring popular characters, which you can play anytime.

This way, you can hustle sleepy little ones off to bed before 9, and enjoy a happier New Year’s Day! Check out this video for more information:

(And: make sure you change the clocks around the house to match, ok? Don’t get caught!)

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