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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!

Happy Birthday, Magic Beans!

July 7th is the anniversary of the day we opened our doors for the first time in our Brookline store. It’s incredible that four years have passed since that warm evening when we finally finished putting all the merchandise on the shelves and quietly unlocked the front doors. We had invited a few friends and family members to come by and give us some practice on the cash registers, but we were completely unprepared for the number of people who streamed in off the street to see the new store. Needless to say, we got plenty of practice on the cash registers that night, and we closed feeling jubilant. It’s been an amazing ride since that day. We’ve been so fortunate to have great customers, great vendors and most of all, a great team.

Last year, our birthday was on 07/07/07 and we started the tradition of offering 7% off everything in the store for that one day. We decided to continue that for this year, so if you’re near any of our stores, or you need to pick something up online, today’s a good day to do it. We’re also serving cupcakes in all three stores. To get the discount at, use coupon code luckysevens. As always, some exclusions may apply.

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