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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Halloween safety… and some Halloween humor, too!

Halloween safety… and some Halloween humor, too!

image credits: collegehumor.comOk, so you’re taking the little ones out in the dark, dark night, and they’re talking to strangers and collecting food that’s full of sugar and preservatives, and…

Calm down! Halloween accidents are rare (and easily prevented). Here are some of the basics for you to review (and to review with your kids before you go Trick-or-Treating), courtesy of Safe Kids Worldwide:

  • Walk safely: Cross the street at corners, use traffic signals and crosswalks, and look both ways while crossing; make eye contact with drivers to make sure they see you. Stick to sidewalks and paths, and walk, don’t run, across the street.
  • Treat or treat with an adult: Kids under age 12 should always be accompanied by an adult. Older kids should trick-or-treat in groups, stick to familiar areas, and bring along a fully-charged cell phone.
  • Keep costumes safe: Choose light-colored costumes or add reflective elements; have kids carry glow sticks or flashlights to help them see and be seen by drivers. Choose face paint and makeup over masks, so kids can see clearly. Make sure their costume is the right size, and try to avoid costumes that can get in the way of walking.
  • Drive safely on Halloween: Be especially alert for little ghosts and ghouls between 5:30pm and 9:30pm; slow down and be extra-alert in residential neighborhoods. Be extra careful in intersections, on medians, on curbs, and entering and exiting driveways. Turn your headlights on earlier than usual to make sure you can spot kids from greater distances.

The CDC and AAP offer even more safety tips – look those over, and you’ll truly be prepared for anything. But in the meantime: don’t forget, Halloween is fun! Here’s some Halloween humor to share with your family:

Finally, looking for a simple, clever, and adorable costume for the newest member of the family? Check out these last-minute baby Halloween costume ideas!

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