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Guest post: Learn all about Honest Company nutritional supplements!

Guest post: Learn all about Honest Company nutritional supplements!

honest_logoJessica Alba’s The Honest Company, already well-known for their adorable diapers and top-quality organic skin products, is eager to introduce you to their new line of nutritional supplements! We brought in their Sales Account Manager, Jessica Maurer, to tell you more.

Despite the fact that we’re consuming more calories than ever, the vast majority of people in the U.S. aren’t getting all the daily nutrients necessary to support good health. Record numbers of families are taking supplements to fill the nutritional gap, but it doesn’t seem to be doing much good. Why?

Here are a few things we learned while doing research for our Health + Wellness line:

  • Most supplements are pretty much entirely made of petroleum-based, synthetic ingredients, fillers, and preservatives. Even prenatal vitamins can contain a slew of unnecessary and risky ingredients like polyethylene glycol, propylene glycol, and FD&C Blue #2, Yellow #6, and Red #40.
  • Vitamin potency has been found to vary widely from what’s claimed on the label. Sometimes the levels are higher, and sometimes lower. Either way, it’s more bad news for the consumer.

Frustrated? We were, too, so we decided to do it better. We use the highest quality ingredients, and because we’ve partnered with experts with over 80 years of experience (and the important network of farmers that come with it), we can source superior, uncompromised raw materials. We make everything in small batches, so we can strictly monitor purity. And, at the end of production, our supplements are tested for purity and potency both on-site and by an off-site lab.

Our carefully crafted formulations are revolutionary whole-food nutrition, because that’s what your body knows best. Every dose is bursting with nutrients the way nature intended – from organically-grown, nutrient-dense veggies and fruits, and healthy (happy) bacteria.

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