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Great news: Magic Beans is coming to Connecticut!

Great news: Magic Beans is coming to Connecticut!

Mockup of our upcoming Fairfield Store

Mockup of our upcoming Fairfield Store

It was almost exactly ten years ago, but it feels like yesterday that the idea for Magic Beans was born: a new store for modern parents that merged a great toy selection with a fantastic assortment of top-quality baby gear. As young parents, Sheri and I built the store that we wanted to shop at, and Bostonians came in droves – Magic Beans is now an integral part of the community here in Brookline, where we opened our first store, as well as Wellesley, Huron Village in Cambridge, and downtown Boston.

And now, we’ve reached the next step of our growth: we’re proud and excited to announce that we’re opening our first store outside of Massachusetts, in Fairfield, Connecticut! As this is being written, our design and administrative team are in overdrive, building and hiring and designing and planning how to make the new Magic Beans store the go-to shopping spot for Connecticut parents.

We chose Fairfield because it’s a wonderful community with a gorgeous town green, lots of great shops, and tons of young families, attracted to the beauty and character of this thriving town. Despite all of this growth, there’s a dearth of great baby stores in Fairfield County, so that’s where we come in! We can’t wait to bring all the benefits of Magic Beans to a new crowd. Our Fairfield store will have the same great selection as our Massachusetts stores, and the same great services, too, including:

  • Expert stroller matchmaking
  • Stroller test-drives
  • Free gift wrap
  • Personal shopping by appointment
  • A quick and easy baby registry

…and so much more!

We plan on being a great resource for Fairfield, so we want to know exactly what the locals need. If you live in southern Connecticut, or if you live elsewhere but have family and friends in southern Connecticut, please send them our way as soon as possible. Of course, we want them to shop with us, but before that even starts, we want their feedback so we can optimize our store for the needs of our new community. Please send feedback to us here – we read everything! That’s the advantage of shopping with an independent company: you can talk right to the owners of the company, who will listen to you and make sure you get what you need.

We don’t have an exact opening day yet, but the doors of Magic Beans Fairfield will open in early December. We’ll be sending out regular updates, so if you’re not already on our mailing list, get on there now for the latest news. If you’re in Connecticut, we want to see your smiling faces – and your adorable kids – at our grand opening!

In the meantime, we’re busy hiring a new team of toy whizzes and gear gurus: friendly, compassionate folks who love kids and understand parents, and will provide our customers with a truly exceptional shopping experience. If you know anyone who might be a good fit, please send them our way. We’re having a jobs fair on November 13 and 14!

We’re all about community – after all, we began our business in our own neighborhood – so we can’t wait to meet the families, expectant families, moms, dads, grandparents, and kids of Fairfield County! Thank you to all of our customers, vendors, friends and family for all of your continued support. It means the world to us. We’ve built a fantastic, exciting, rapidly growing business from scratch, and we couldn’t possibly have done it without you.

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