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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!

Good Logic

Logic BagWhen JJ Cole first showed me their Essentials Bag a few years back, I had one question: Where’s the changing pad? There wasn’t one. What was the logic? I can’t remember exactly how they rationalized it, but it made no sense to me. I liked the small footprint of the bag, and the skateboard-chic sling design, but how could they call it a diaper bag if it wasn’t really designed for diapering?

Fortunately, the people at JJ Cole are good listeners. They went back to the drawing board with the Essentials Bag and rereleased it as the Logic Bag. The Logic Bag has a very similar form factor to the Essentials Bag, but it has a pouch designed for diapers and wipes, and it includes a changing pad. As well, like so many diaper bags these days, it attaches to the stroller.

At the JPMA show, I packed a Logic Bag with all the essentials from my purse and stuffed in some diapers and wipes for good measure. The bag holds quite a lot of stuff, albeit in small pockets here and there. It’s good if you like to compartmentalize your life, but bad if you have a bad memory (like me – I left my cellphone in one of the little pockets, touching off an unfortunate series of events that ended with my phone smashed to smithereens at the bottom of a ride at Universal Studios).

The Logic Bag isn’t a roomy enough to be a primary diaper bag, but it is a great secondary option, particularly for parents of toddlers.

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