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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Going gaga for Jellycat (along with Princess Charlotte)!

Going gaga for Jellycat (along with Princess Charlotte)!

jellycat puppy and bunny

A new celebrity: the elusive Fuddlewuddle Puppy and his Fuddlewuddle Bunny pal, photographed in our office.

WE HAVE THE FUDDLEWUDDLE PUPPY! Jellycat will be shipping more on December 7 – place your order now, because they’re selling out everywhere!

With that said, to back up a step: not every toy craze makes a whole lot of sense in retrospect. Kids love Elmo, but was the Tickle Me Elmo worth rioting over? And while Ty Beanie Babies and their beanie brethren are still great companions for every kid, that collectible value that folks were hoping for didn’t quite add up.

On the other hand, the sudden fame that Jellycat’s Fuddlewuddle Puppy has achieved since Princess Charlotte was photographed beaming at hers is well earned, and the only thing that’s surprising about this is that Jellycat hasn’t become a household name sooner.

We sell toys for a living. Don't judge.

Bashful Giraffes are also stackable.

See that look on the tiny princess’s adorable face, grinning at her favorite stuffed friend? This what happens when you introduce a baby to a Fuddlewuddle. We’ve seen it before, and we’ll see it again: this “adorable, loveable, squidgeable, irresistibly silky-soft and huggable” luxury plush toy and all of his Jellycat pals are super-cute and are irresistible to snuggle, for anyone of any age.

Just how irresistible, you ask? My deskmate here at the Magic Beans office has a Jellycat Bashful Giraffe on her desk, and when I come over to chat, I often snatch the little guy to snuggle him while we chat. You would too, if you were me – I can’t do justice in words to how soft, snuggly, and perfectly-weighted a Jellycat toy is. They are supremely cute and supremely soothing.

Founded in 1999 by brothers William and Thomas Gatacre, the UK plush brand got their name from “a child who loved jellies and cats and giggled at the thought of the two together.” That sense of whimsy has guided their design sense ever since, and Jellycat plush has a unique look that always stands out in a crowd. Both kids and parents love the way the Jellycat designers play with texture and color – for instance, look at the fun, feathery fur on this little pink cat! – and adults as well as kids are big fans.

And this isn’t even the first time a Jellycat toy has made news: back in 2012, a little girl called Roozle dropped her favorite bunny, Nummy on the subway tracks in Boston. A kindhearted worker in the subway lobby made a quick call, and a conductor snatched the bunny off the tracks and returned Nummy to her grateful friend. (This is all quite close to home for us – Nummy was purchased at Magic Beans, and all the action happened at the train station I travel through every morning!)

Long story short: Princess Charlotte is far from the only kid who’s in love with a stuffed animal from Jellycat, and we know from long experience that your kids will love them too. So don’t wait – grab your Fuddlewuddle Puppy before they’re all gone!

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