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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!

Going anywhere with the Go Crib

A great new travel crib has just arrived in our stores. The Go Crib, made by Guava Family, is an excellent alternative to the other great portable cribs you can find at Magic Beans. Perfect for day trips to Grandma’s or the beach, The Go Crib collapses into a compact, convenient backpack-style package that can be worn and taken anywhere you might need a nap or play space. But how exactly does this newcomer compare to our old travel crib veterans?

The first benefit of the Go Crib is its ease of setup. The entire process should take no more than a minute thanks to the dual-action manual air pump included with the crib which fills the inflatable structure quickly. The air mattress doesn’t add any time or energy to setup because, miraculously, it self-inflates. Basically, all you have to do is plug in the pump hoses, blow up one side with just a couple pumps, and repeat for the other side. Having such a simple process is a great advantage over some of the other travel cribs like the phil&ted’s Traveller and most pack-and-plays.

The Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light is sort of the gold standard around here: it’s compact, lightweight, and easy to set up. The Go Crib is actually 10.6 lbs, beating the Baby Bjorn’s 11.8 lb weigh-in. Even more important, Guava Family has managed to make their crib easier to carry with two simple additions: backpack straps which leave both hands free for the countless other attention-grabbers on your trip and a cinching mechanism that will squeeze the deflated crib back into it’s original shape.

With a lot of the travel cribs on the market, parents have to pack them back up in a very specific way, and even with years of practice, the package never fits the same way that it did when it first came home. That frustrating experience will be gone for good with the Go Crib. In fact, I present an open challenge to actually repack it incorrectly. No matter how haphazardly it’s stuffed back into the bag, you can still tighten it down to a tote-able size.

If you’re taking this bad boy to the beach, I would suggest bringing an extra blanket for sun cover. The crib makes it easy to access your children by including zipped openings on the sides. You can leave the flaps open during less structured play time and they’ll be able to come and go as they please.

Is it the perfect travel crib for every family? Not necessarily. The competition is strong. The Baby Bjorn is easy and durable, the phil&teds Traveller is light but spacious, and the Pea Pod offers an incredibly small package. Priced at $249.99 (right between the P&T Traveller and Baby Bjorn) the Go Crib, provides an alternative to the travel cribs we carry at Magic Beans. It is lighter than the Baby Bjorn, easier to set up than the phil&teds, and larger than the Pea Pod.

Well designed baby products are really important to us at Magic Beans and the Go Crib is giving us something new to be excited about.

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