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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Go pink this year

Go pink this year

To every thing there is a season, to every time there is a purpose, and to every year there is a Pantone. Each year, designers agree on an approved color and – you guessed it – pink is the proclaimed color for 2011. This isn’t just any pink, though. It’s honeysuckle pink, chosen because of its ability to attract not only hummingbirds, but also positive energy, something many of us could use this year.

We’re particularly excited about the change from last year’s turquoise, because this is the shade of pink we use to break up all the green at Magic Beans. We’re not necessarily fashion gurus here, but we do take pride in our ability to stay current, and now is our chance to help you stay true to the 2011 hue. So how do you embrace all this bright cheeriness without looking like a walking Pepto Bismol commercial? We’ve got some suggestions:

Tiny Princess Pink Gymini from Tiny Love is an enchanting developmental playground for your newborn – and it’s a great way to introduce your little girl to the functionality and beauty of the color pink!

– Stand out against the gray city street and show off your spunky personality with a Bugaboo Cameleon in Pink & Sand. Not only is this one of our favorite strollers, but the bright pink will engage your child with its active hues and make your stride more confident. Don’t worry about Dad – if he can wear a pink shirt, he can push a pink stroller!

– Dress to impress. The blossom body suits from Babysoy are perfectly pink and pretty adorable. They’re made from all-natural soybean protein fibers and are super comfortable.

– Feel like something a little more subtle? Go for something small like a Peaco Uglydoll Keychain, to add just a little splash of pink. This shows that you’re paying attention to the latest trends without shouting them from the rooftops.

– Carry around all your goodies in the chic and spacious Pink Sling Tote by Fleurville. Mixing fashion with function, what could be better?

– Go dotty with the Pink & Chocolate Playspot Playmat by Skip Hop. This sleek design brings pink into your home decor, and is a must if you’re in need of a soft surface for your children to play on. And when the new Pantone is declared next year, you can easily mix and match the tiles with the other colors we offer.

– Finally, no pink list would be complete without mentioning the Snowberry Clek Oobr. This booster seat will help even the most self-determined child feel “cool” in her car seat.

There are plenty more products in pink this year. If you’re still feeling a little uneasy, remember that to be bold, you must be brave. Stay true to the energy of the year and go pink!

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