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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Giveaways Day 30 – Taga Bike and Stroller

Giveaways Day 30 – Taga Bike and Stroller

Taga Bike and StrollerI haven't done a blog post about the Taga Bike & Stroller yet, mostly because I've been waiting until we actually had some to sell. Every shipment has sold out before it even came in. It's a good problem to have.

I first heard about the Taga in July of 2008, right before they showed their product for the first time at the Kind+Jugend show in Cologne. I was totally fascinated by the idea, and I checked their website constantly for almost two years, trying to find out when they were coming to the USA. Finally, all the checking paid off and Magic Beans was the first retailer in the country to launch the Taga Bike & Stroller.

If you've never seen the Taga or heard anything about it, here's the basic idea. It's a bike with a seat up front for a baby. The frame is essentially an inverted tricycle, so it has a tremendous amount of stability, and it's easy to pedal – even with a heavy load – I know this because I pedaled it with my husband sitting in the seat. So that alone is impressive, but what sends the Taga off the charts is this: When you get to your destination, you can transform the bike into a stroller in just 20 seconds. It's unbelievably easy to do.

The Taga Bike & Stroller was created by a multinational team comprised of Dutch and Israeli designers. Years of research and engineering went into the product – there are a lot of moving parts on the Taga and it's essential that every single one does what it's supposed to do.

And it does. The Taga is a product of impressive quality, and it's had a great response. We expect to be getting a large number of the Taga Bikes back in stock within the next week, so maybe my dad will finally get his Birthday/Father's Day gift.

Meanwhile, today you can enter to win one for free. This is the biggest prize of the whole month! Enter now at

Check out some great YouTube videos for more information about the Taga Bike & Stroller:

The 20 Second Fold
The Taga Experience

There are also some great accessories for the Taga – a second seat attachment, and a new wooden wagon attachment that can hold two kids, coming very soon.

You can see our complete selection here.

Keep in mind, the Taga is a bike, so it's very important for both you and your passenger to wear a helmet at all times.

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