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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Gifts for moms welcoming a new baby… after the baby is here!

Gifts for moms welcoming a new baby… after the baby is here!

sleepyparentsAt her baby shower, you’re helping a new mom stock up on all the items she’ll need to care for a baby on the way, but there are a few other things you can do to help out your loved ones while they’re adjusting to new parenthood.

Here are some great gifts you might not have thought of that mom (and dad!) might really appreciate!


Start a Meal Train
With all the care that new babies need, it can be hard for new parents to find time to make their own healthy meals. And while the temptation might be to just show up at their doorstep with a lasagna, what if they already have three lasagnas in their overcrowded freezer? With this service, you’ll know what your loved ones like, when they’re available, what they’ve already had too much of, and what days other folks have already brought them food, simplifying the process of showing your love with fresh home-cooked meals.


Gift certificates
A gift card to a local pizza place that delivers will be priceless when the new parents realize it is 11 PM and no one has eaten anything all day!


A better bouquet
Instead of flowers, opt for a fruit basket or an edible arrangement. It’s pretty, and it’s useful! Or, just create your own snack basket with quickie snacks like granola bars.


House Cleaning!
You’ll be tempted to offer to pitch in yourself, but it can be awkward to have friends and family do the job, since many people are embarrassed to let their loved ones see the chaos of all those chores left undone. So, let the professionals do it! See if a couple friends want to chip in to pay for a service to do a one-time deep clean. This was my personal favorite gift from my mother-in-law. It was amazing!


Take the older kids on an excursion!
If there are older sibs in the house, they’re desperate for attention and probably running circles around their exhausted parents. So, offer to take them to the aquarium or the zoo for the day. This way, mom and dad can rest while the new baby rests without having to worry about taking care of the older kids.


Once dad (or significant other) goes back to work, come hang out!
Once my husband went back to work, things got lonely. It was always nice to have some company, as long as they made prior arrangements to stop by – you absolutely do NOT want to ring the doorbell while the baby is sleeping!

While you’re over, watch the baby while Mom showers (no, really!). Newborn babies sleep a lot, so they can be left to their own devices for long periods, but when my son was very small, it was nice not having to worry about him for half an hour while I took a long, much-needed shower.


Milestone stickers 

If these weren’t gifted already, these are an adorable keepsake to put on the baby and take photos seeing the progression of the first year in monthly increments!

For a nursing mom…


Nursing tanks 
Nursing tank tops were (and still are!) an essential part of my wardrobe. You can layer them under your T-shirt and it is seriously invaluable!


Breast pads
There are three types of breast pads. There are: disposable, reuseable, and my personal favorite, wool. I started off using disposable, but I heard great things about wool breast pads, and I never looked back! They’re so soft, and they do an amazing job at wicking moisture away from your skin, keeping you dry and comfortable, and helping sore skin heal.

Even if mom doesn’t plan on nursing the baby, breast pads are usually recommended for once your milk comes in, to keep your shirts dry!



A water bottle
After the birth of my son, I was insatiably thirsty. A nice water bottle for a new mom would be key to keeping her hydrated! My personal favorite is a stainless steel Camelbak.


What else would you give as a new mom gift? What was the most useful item you got? Did you get anything unusual that people wouldn’t normally think of, but which saved your sanity in those early days of parenthood? Let us know in the comments below!


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