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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Gift guide: 8 best birthday presents for a baby boy’s first birthday

Gift guide: 8 best birthday presents for a baby boy’s first birthday

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Here at Magic Beans, we’ve mostly focused on parents, but there’s another very important subsection of our customers who also are looking for expert info: folks who don’t have their own broods, but want to find fantastic baby gifts for their loved ones. So, whether you’re the best friend, sister, brother, cousin, or co-worker of proud recent parents, this is for you!

The first year goes by fast, and it’s hard to believe how big that kiddo is now. Over the past year you’ve “liked” every post about him on Facebook and Instagram, but now it’s time to give something a little more substantial: a first birthday present!

But what to buy? Boys like trucks, right? How do you know if a toy is safe for a baby? Are rattles too baby-ish?

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Here at Magic Beans, we sell the best toys for 1-year-old boys and we make gift-giving super easy. Don’t have any wrapping paper? Not a problem. We’ll wrap it for you, for FREE. Does your friend or sister or cousin live in California? We’ve got flat rate shipping for only $7.99!

And of course, we have a handpicked selection of only the best toys and gear for babies and kids, and the hands-on experience to recommend the perfect toy for a special little guy or gal. Here are some can’t-lose choices.

1. Kidoozie Flash Beat Drum from International Playthings


Babies love banging on new toys, so why not get him something that’s made for it! The Flash Beat Drum lights up with colorful lights when tapped, while fun background music plays. (And, for Mom: it has a volume control and an on/off switch.)

2. Bilingual Talking Farm by Chicco

chicco-talking-farmAnother great interactive toy is the Chicco Talking Farm – it’s even bilingual! Press on the animal buttons to teach kids their names and sounds, along with colors and numbers in both English and Spanish.

3. Air Navigator Tricycle by Kettler

kettler-air-navigatorFor toddlers with spring and summer birthdays, the Kettler Air Navigator Trike is perfect. It’s adjustable for growing boys, and comes with air-filled tires for a smooth ride. It even includes a push bar for when parents need to take the reins.

4. School Bus by Green Toys

green-toys-school-busHe may not be old enough for school yet, but he’s probably mesmerized when he sees one of those big yellow buses drive past. This adorable smaller version is made from recycled plastic milk jugs, and has no metal axles or external coatings. Bonus: it’s made in the USA!

5. Kidoozie Funtime Tractor by International Playthings

INTERNATIONAL-PLAYTHINGS-funtime-tractorThere’s just something about farms that’s irresistible to kids. Between the adorable animals, cheerful farmer, and classic song (“Old Macdonald” plays when the farmer drives the tractor), any boy would love to play with the Kidoozie Funtime Tractor. The little wheels have enough traction to drive over hardwood, tile, and even carpet.

6. Tugboat by Kid O

kid-o-distribution-green-tug-boatThis little boat is perfect for bath time pretend play. The detachable buoy floats, and both pieces are solidly built so no water gets inside. The Kid O Tugboat is easy for kids to grip, and comes in fun, bright colors. Also, the clean, ultra-modern, shiny look will be a bonus for hip parents with an eye for design!

7. Follow Me Fred by Tiny Love

tiny-love-follow-me-fred-new-TINYBy now he’s probably walking (or close to it) and it’s time to get a new toy that can keep up. Follow Me Fred rolls around the floor at a leisurely pace and can go straight or in a circle. He’ll love Fred’s bright colors and playful sounds.

8. Micro Mini 3-in-1 Scooter by Kickboard USA

kickboard-usa-micro-mini-kick-3-in-1-scooter-blueToddlers love scooters. They’ve finally mastered walking, and are ready for some speed. Unfortunately, traditional scooters tend to be hard for little ones to master. Enter the 3-in-1! This scooter conveniently includes both an O-bar handle for little hands, and a seat attachment to sit-and-scoot. It will grow with the child from 1 to 4 years, so this is a truly deluxe gift!

While trucks and trains might always be go-to presents for 1-year-old boys, it’s clear that there are some other great contenders on the playing field these days. Check out our full selection for 1-year-old boys.

Next month we’ll be covering the best gifts for 1-year-old girls, so keep an eye out!

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