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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Get ready to rock: the Nuna Leaf Wind is here!!!

Get ready to rock: the Nuna Leaf Wind is here!!!

We’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of the Nuna Leaf Wind Accessory since last year’s ABC Kids Expo: this consultation small squarehandy little device puts the finishing touches on one of our favorite baby rockers, and it’s finally here!


The Nuna Leaf Floating Baby Lounger and Nuna Leaf Curv are designed to sway gently for over two minutes with a single push, but what if you need to take a shower or make dinner, and baby wants to rock? The purpose of a baby rocker or bouncer is to let you put your baby down safely in a spot they’ll enjoy for a minute or two, and the people-propelled nature of the Leaf meant that you’d have to stay right beside it to keep it moving.


The Wind Accessory is the little panel installed on the base.

So the Nuna Leaf Wind Accessory is designed to take over when you have other business to attend to: just click the Wind onto the Leaf’s base, and a rubberized wheel will pull the swing from side to side. No hands, Ma! It has six soothing speeds, so you can choose the one that your baby likes best, slowly drifting her off to sleep or giving her a more vigorous ride to keep her entertained. A one-touch sensor panel makes it easy to adjust the speed; it’s super intuitive and simple to use. And no batteries are necessary – the Wind is powered through a mini USB cord that you can plug into the wall or into a battery backup charger.

You can use the Nuna Leaf Wind accessory with your Leaf until your baby weighs 25 pounds or is able to sit up independently; after that, it’s time to set the Leaf aside for a bit until your child is a little older. (Since the Leaf can hold up to 130 pounds, it’s a great lounger for older kids, who will enjoy using their feet on the ground to sway themselves!)

Finally: the Nuna Leaf Wind is only compatible with models of the Leaf from 2015 and later – if you’re not sure if you can use it with your Leaf, ask us and we’ll check it out.

Watch the Nuna Leaf Wind in action in this video from the ABC Kids Expo, starring Lauren from Magic Beans Fairfield!

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