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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Get out and play! Scooters & other outdoor toys at Magic Beans

Get out and play! Scooters & other outdoor toys at Magic Beans

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Spring has sprung, and although the sunshine has been intermittent so far up here in Boston, we’re already seeing fleets of Micro Kickboard Scooters and other ride-ons hitting the road. We know your kids are eager to shake out some of the energy they’ve been storing up all winter long – so let’s check out some of the great outdoor toys in our selection that will exercise growing bodies and imaginations!



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Micro Kickboard is the obvious centerpiece of every outdoor toy roundup; these terrific scooters are wildly popular because they’re easy enough for even very small kids to learn how to use, and they’re incredibly high quality. Forget about the racketing, bumpy ride you remember from your own childhood scooter! Instead, kids enjoy a smooth, silent ride, and the wheels are even designed not to mark up your floors, so kids can practice inside before they start “surfing the sidewalks.”

Oh yes – and they’re on sale through tomorrow, so today is a great way to snag a scooter!

Here’s the Micro Kickboard collection by age:

  • Ages 18 months & up: Micro Mini2Go. This scooter starts out as a feet-down ride-on for toddlers, with a nifty removable compartment so they can bring along important items (like, say, a stuffed friend). When they’re old enough to scoot properly, take off the seat and compartment and it transforms into a regular three-wheeled scooter!
  • Ages 2 & up: Mini Kick ScooterA Magic Beans bestseller and classic: since it has three wheels and a low deck, it’s easy for even preschoolers to learn how to balance and steer by leaning.
  • Ages 5 & up: T-Bar Maxi Kick & Foldable T-Bar Maxi Scooter. Same thing, just taller; the handlebar adjusts upwards to fit kids from age 5 right up to their teens, and it has a weight limit of up to 110 pounds. Incredibly high-quality components mean this little guy is going to last and last!
  • Ages 8 & up: Micro Sprite 2-Wheeled ScooterFor big kids, and even college kids and commuters (or, perhaps you would like one for yourself, Mom and/or Dad?)!

outdoor toys baby nutty nutcase helmetIMPORTANT NOTE: don’t forget your helmet! Luckily, we’re your one-stop scooting shop, with adorable helmets from Nutcase.  Their helmets feature top-of-the-line safety technology, and they’re also designed to be comfortable and lightweight enough for even babies to wear. I can personally vouch for that magical no-pinch magnetic chin strap  – if your kid really loathes helmets (and I know I did as a child), a comfy helmet with a cute design may be just what they need to change their mind.



outdoor toys green toys fire truckGreen Toys are an obvious pick for outdoor fun – not only are many items, like their Watering Can and their Jump Rope, obviously designed as outdoor toys, but every single kid-tough item can go right into the dishwasher when playtime is over.

That means that the Mixer Construction Truck, Scooper Construction Truck, and Dump Truck are all just as great in the sandbox as the playroom, and all of their other items are easy to clean after they’ve spent some time outside.



outdoor toys franklin sports teeMelissa & Doug:

Franklin Sports:

outdoor toys kidnoculars binocularsMore ride-ons:

For the back yard, sandbox, or beach:

And finally, to put in a plug for one of my favorite outdoor toys in our selection: Bizzy Bubblz from Uncle Bubble! These clouds of teeny bubbles are easy enough for even small children to blow, and creating the bubbles is only the first part of the fun, because the bubbles are touchable! Speaking as an adult who got to play with these in the office, chasing bubbles around and collecting big clusters of them on your hand is a BLAST. This is not a backyard activity that kids will tire of quickly.

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