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Fun for each night

Fun for each night

Hanukkah, the Jewish festival of lights, is celebrated each December, right around the same time as Christmas. Coincidentally, there is a tradition of giving gifts on each of the holiday’s eight nights, although this tradition almost certainly came about from a desire to keep children from feeling left out during the Christmas season. In fact, the real tradition is to give money, or gelt (in Yiddish). I found a variety of interesting explanations for this at, so feel free to read up.

But while there are many, many Christmas-themed toys, there are relatively few that center around Hanukkah. Last year, Education Incorporated debuted their Great Big Box of Hanukkah Fun, which was a big hit. This year, we’re glad to have it back in stock and ready to go. The box includes eight different fun and quirky games and activities that are all related to (or inspired by) the story of Hanukkah. Pull out one item each night, or open it all together. The best part is, most of these are meant to be done together as a family. For kids 4 and up, though children of all ages will enjoy this imaginative compilation.

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