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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans

From crying out loud to peacefully sleeping.

For Crying Out Loud CD by Perpetual Cow ProductionsMaybe you’ve been there: you’re on your way home from a trip out of town, while the baby screams tirelessly in the back seat. It’s going to be a long ride home. Or, when your baby goes down for a nap or you put him to bed at night, and he just can’t settle down, crying while the minutes feel like hours. Many parents have found that white noise helps immensely when it comes to getting their young babies to sleep, but in some situations it’s not always practical. You can’t run your vacuum cleaner all night, and unless you live right on the coast, chances are there are no waves crashing on the seashore to help calm your little one’s nighttime unrest.

But – rest assured – help is on the way! “For Crying Out Loud,” a CD put out by Perpetual Cow Productions, is a smart, practical, and creative way to help lull your baby to sleep. Created by two moms who discovered that certain sounds consistently soothed their babies, this CD offers 72 minutes of white noise in varying forms, including: maternal heartbeat, windshield wipers in the rain, hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, restaurant ambiance, washing machine, rain on the roof, and waves on the beach. If you know of one or two of these sounds that your baby responds particularly well to, simply set your CD player to repeat the tracks of your choice. At Magic Beans, we have already gotten rave reviews from parents about how useful this CD has been, and we’re excited about it. For Crying Out Loud gives you a new way to help your baby get some rest – and as a bonus, you may get a little extra shuteye as well!

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