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Four Wheel Buzz Debuts

Four Wheel Buzz Debuts

Quinny 4 Wheel BuzzWe’ve just received the new, four-wheel version of the Quinny Buzz. So now, if you’ve been paying attention, your question is probably, “what’s the difference between 3 wheels and 4?” Sometimes a wheel is just a wheel. Word on the street is, this is an aesthetic decision. The Quinny Buzz 3  is still available. The newest Buzz 4 does have a couple of nice new features, though, to help justify the elevated price tag. There’s an XL Toddler Seat Pad that adds some extra depth to the seat as your baby grows. There’s a small, extra sunshade built into the canopy that provides some increased protection. And, best of all, there’s an automatic latch on the side of the stroller that will lock it shut when it closes.

As with the original Buzz, the 4-wheel version still comes complete with a rain cover and insect netting. It also still features the very cool gas spring mechanism that makes the stroller pop open all by itself. It comes in four colors – Strawberry, Apple, Gold and Black.

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