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Fisher Price Recall

I know, I know. I’m late on this one. I nearly had a panic attack at the gym last night when I saw CNN reporting on nearly a million recalled toys. I breathed a sigh of relief when I heard it was Fisher Price, which we don’t sell in the store. But then I realized that my kids have Fisher Price toys that they’ve gotten from relatives and friends. So even though I don’t usually report on recalls that don’t directly impact our customers, I’m going to make an exception, since every parent should be aware of this one. Mattel, who owns Fisher Price, recalled over 900,000 toys that were found to contain lead paint. To see a full list, go to the Mattel Recall Site.

Just like with the RC2 recall last month, a factory in China was responsible for the problem. This is scary stuff. But Mattel is a very good company, and from what I’ve read, they were able to catch more than two-thirds of the tainted merchandise before it ever hit the shelves. Which only leaves 300,000 or so toys that need to be recovered. Spread the word on this one.

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