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First steps made easier

First steps made easier

Walking WingsAny parent who has cheered on a new toddler surely remembers the weeks leading up to those first tentative steps. Chances are, you spent a lot of time hunched over, walking behind your baby as she grasped tight to your index fingers and tottered all around. Sound familiar? If you haven’t been through it yet, trust me when I tell you to save your back and buy a set of Walking Wings.

This little padded harness straps around the chest and under the arms of your almost-walker, and provides handles at a very comfortable height for adults. So aspiring toddlers can get plenty of practice without causing any back discomfort for the caregiver assigned to play caboose. And if the ergonomics weren’t enough, there are some nice benefits for the baby as well.

When older babies do “finger walking”, they are usually raising their arms up around their ears, which is an unnatural balancing position for true walking. With Walking Wings, they learn to balance using their torso, which helps build the core strength they need to really take off on their own. This is also a great innovation for children with special needs. The harness fits children from 6 months to 2 years (approximately – chest circumference range is 19″-26″)

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