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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
First Look: Baby Jogger City Select

First Look: Baby Jogger City Select

cityselectHere’s a scoop: in advance of the upcoming ABC Kids Show in Las Vegas, we stumbled upon an ad today in an industry magazine that had us scraping our jaws off the floor. Baby Jogger is apparently introducing a new stroller, the Baby Jogger City Select, a hybrid stroller that can accommodate one child or two in a dizzying array of configurations, including a stroller seat, two stroller seats, a stroller seat and a bassinet, a bassinet and a car seat, and even the holy grail for double strollers – two car seats. From what I can tell, the stroller seat(s) and bassinet can be turned to face towards or away from the parent.

The design is reminiscent of the iCandy Pear stroller, which never made it to the USA, probably due to CPSIA issues. But presumably it will fit popular US model car seats, which the iCandy did not.

Until I get my hands on this, I can’t attest to how well it will steer, but Baby Jogger has a good track record in this department. The City Select stroller will have the same Quick-Fold technology as the rest of the line.

If the execution is as good as the design, it will be a sensation. You heard it here first.

Now I know what my first stop will be in Vegas. As soon as I get more information (and better images – this is a scan from the magazine ad), I’ll share it here.

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