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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Fall strolling preview: Meet the new Skip Hop 3 Season Footmuff!

Fall strolling preview: Meet the new Skip Hop 3 Season Footmuff!

skip hop stroll and go stroller footmuff

For those of you that live in areas with a rough winter – you know who you are – then you may have attempted to block out memories of this past winter season, but alas, the snow must still fall. If you’re thinking ahead to this coming chilly season, you’re going to want to invest in a good stroller footmuff before they run out… and trust me, they do!

And this year, you’re really in luck! One of our favorite baby brands, Skip Hop, has just come out with their Stroll and Go Three Season Footmuff. That’s right – it can adapt to THREE seasons!

Watch our demo of the Three Season Footmuff here:


One awesome attribute of this footmuff is the removable winter cover: it’s easy to remove, so you can use the lighter layer underneath it for fall and spring, but it easily snaps back on for those ultra-cold winter days to keep your baby warm and cozy. The cover is also easily rolled and snapped aside for easy storage when your child is getting in or out of the stroller, or if you don’t need the body coverage at the moment.

The hood is similar in that it zips open and folds back around the seat of the stroller, conveniently securing the hood away from baby’s face if you prefer (it folds really solidly out of the way, too, so it won’t flop forward and annoy you and the baby!). The hood has a soft furry lining, and the footmuff itself is made of water-resistant and windproof polyester blends. The straps of your stroller thread through the non-slip lining of the footmuff, so you can strap your child in securely, no worries.

We also love the cute little storage pocket in front – it’s handy for pacifiers, small toys, snacks, or your own items.

Fall is just around the corner, so order yours today! It comes in Heather Gray and Black with two sizes: Toddler and Infant. NOTE: don’t use the infant size with your infant car seat – it can get in the way of the harness, and that’s just not safe!

Want to learn more about stroller footmuffs? Learn why you need one, and see more options here!


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