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Fairfield Grand Opening Spotlight: Zoli

Fairfield Grand Opening Spotlight: Zoli

zoli_logoThere’s a lot of advice out there on proper foods and beverages for your child: breast milk and formula, organic fruits and veggies, the proper nutritional balance of vitamins and minerals and protein and fiber, avoiding allergens, persuading (or perhaps tricking) picky eaters, and so on. Then there’s also the advice on what NOT to feed your child, especially the chemicals to look out for – and that’s where ZoLi comes in.

“All of the products that we create, we search really hard for the right materials to use to make sure that they’re safe and non-toxic,” says founder Julianna Shaw. No BPA, no phthalates, no PVC. So when your child is sipping water from a Bot Sippy Cup or gnawing on a ZoLi Gummy Stick, you don’t have to worry about potentially harmful plastic additives.

zoli-bot-sippy-cup-green-6oz-2ZoLi products also focus on solving common problems for parents of small children: for instance, the BOT Sippy utilizes a weighted straw so that kids who are still learning how to drink don’t have to tip the cup correctly to get at their drink – the straw follows the liquid instead.

And then there’s the Buzz B Nail Trimmer. Cutting baby nails can be tough and nerve-wracking, since their nails are so itty-bitty and paper-thin, and babies are not known for staying still while you carefully clip and snip. But you can’t just skip it, since baby nails grow at a tremendous speed and are sharp like teeny kitten claws! The Buzz B has an oscillating nail-file tip, and includes color-coded tips with different textures so you can find exactly the one you need, so you can just sand those nails down without worrying about hurting your baby’s tiny fingers. It really does work, and gets recommendations all around – the Buzz B is a great pick to put on your registry or to order as a gift for an expecting friend or loved one.

ZoLi was a part of our gala Grand Opening fest for our brand-new Fairfield store, and you can find ZoLi products on the shelves in every Magic Beans store and on Check out the full selection here!

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