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Fairfield Grand Opening Spotlight: Introducing the Nuna Leaf Curv!

Fairfield Grand Opening Spotlight: Introducing the Nuna Leaf Curv!

Nuna Leaf Curv

In mathematics, a curve, simply put, is a line that isn’t straight (although a straight line can also be referred to as “a curve with null curvature”). Parabolas are the most basic curves, and you probably met a few of them in high school math class, but from there, the mathematics of curves get pretty complex. They also have some pretty neat names – “Witch of Agnesi”? That would be an excellent name for a metal band.

The Nuna Leaf Curv curves off in a completely direction: it’s as simple and intuitive as a curve can be. It’s just a variation on the popular Nuna Leaf baby bouncer, with a new look – instead of the forking base of the original, the base swoops in an elegant and stylish circle.

Just like the original Leaf, the Nuna Leaf Curv soothes your baby with a silent and gentle side-to-side motion, activated by a nudge from you (a single push can get it going for up to two minutes, and the Leaf requires no batteries or power cords). And as with all Nuna products, the Leaf Curv baby rocker is as practical as it is beautiful: unlike any other baby rocker we’ve encountered, it has a phenomenally high weight limit, which means that not only can toddlers hang out in it and rock themselves with their feet on the floor, but even adults can plop down on it in a pinch.

The Nuna Leaf Curv will be just one of the terrific products Nuna will be showing off at the Grand Opening celebration for our latest store! Magic Beans Fairfield, in Connecticut, is our first store outside of the Boston area, and we’re celebrating its launch with a weekend-long event, from February 28 through March 2. There will be plenty of awesome giveaways, informational seminars, promotional discounts, and family fun all weekend long – see the full schedule for the Grand Opening.


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