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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Fairfield Grand Opening Spotlight: Chicco

Fairfield Grand Opening Spotlight: Chicco

chicco keyfitHow do you know when an item is popular? You might read about it in the news – for instance, we all first discovered that Bugaboo strollers were popular among celebrities through the media (and then they became popular with everyone else). You might see one in the home of every parent you know: in France, if the statistics are correct, every baby has at least one Sophie the Giraffe and some babies have two. Or, you might see them crowded around your city block – we’ve commented on which strollers are popular in which Boston neighborhoods here before.

Most car seats are harder to spot than a big-eyed giraffe toy or a shining stroller chassis, though, so we have to use a different metric to talk about the popularity of the Chicco KeyFit 30, one of our best-selling and best-loved car seats. We could talk about how well-reviewed it is: Kecia of titled her review “Infant Carseat Nirvana” and closed her review with the following warning:

“If this is your first car seat, it may spoil you and make other future car seats seem difficult and annoying to use by comparison. Consider yourself warned!”

Other reviews explore different elements of safety, ease of use, and testing standards: for instance, on, Heather Corley cited crash test videos in her endorsement of the KeyFit:

“In a crash, the infant car seat is designed to rebound, or pop back up, into the vehicle seat to ride down the crash forces. In watching crash test videos, you can see that the deep sides of the KeyFit 30 do a good job of “cocooning” the baby inside the car seat during the rebound, so that baby is well protected.”

But these reviews don’t mean it’s popular – they just mean that it’s a very, very good seat. Here’s what really tells you that everyone is using this car seat: virtually every important stroller company offers a Chicco KeyFit adapter! They’re simply following the demand: whether our savvy customers are pushing a stroller by Bugaboo or BOB, Baby Jogger or UPPAbaby, or even a lesser known stroller like the Jane Trider, they can purchase an adapter that lets their Chicco KeyFit infant car seat come aboard. Supply and demand!

Of course, the KeyFit is only one of the terrific Chicco products you’ll find at Magic Beans, and you can see our whole assortment, meet Chicco reps, and get some cool freebies at the Grand Opening for Magic Beans Fairfield! Our brand-new Connecticut store is our first store outside of the Boston area, and we’re celebrating its launch with a weekend-long event, from February 28 through March 2. There will be plenty of awesome giveaways, informational seminars, promotional discounts, and family fun all weekend long – see the full schedule for the Grand Opening here.


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