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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Fairfield Grand Opening Spotlight: Britax / B.O.B.

Fairfield Grand Opening Spotlight: Britax / B.O.B.

Becoming a trusted name in baby gear is an incremental process, built up car seat by car seat, stroller by stroller. Britax’s stellar reputation has slowly stacked up through car seats sold, through word of mouth, and, most importantly, through kids protected. As the years go by and Britax car seats roll steadily off of our shelves, we find more and more stories like these:

“My daughter was on her way from Mpls to Nebraska for the birth of her first nephew. My granddaughter was in the truck’s backseat in her Britax car seat. My daughter hit an icy spot after going over a bridge and rolled the truck down an embankment, landing on its drivers’ side door. My granddaughter was up in the air upside down without a scratch. The car seat took all the impact (she didn’t even cry).

“The day before yesterday I was run off the road at 70mph and rolled 2 or 3 times with my 3.5 month old son and my black lab in the car! My 2006 Ford Freestyle’s side curtain air bags deployed and saved me and my dog and kept the broken window away from my son, and his Britax Chaperone saved his life. I have some bumps and bruises and I’m the only one who suffered any injuries at all!

“We were recently involved in a car accident. The impact was on the rear passenger side door – right next to my 2 year old! The rear door is a mangled mess and the car is totaled but my daughter is completely unscathed… not even a scratch!

Of course, no matter how safe these seats are, nobody would use them if they weren’t also comfortable and stylish. Lush padding and the ability to adjust for a precise fit result in happy kids in the car: check out a very contented and adorable Britax passenger here! (Bonus points for a convertible car seat that can fit in the back of a Mini Cooper!)

The Britax G4 Collection: Marathon, Pavillion, and Advocate
The Britax G4 Collection: Marathon, Pavilion, and Advocate

The latest round of seats from Britax is the G4 Convertible Car Seat series, which feature some minor tweaks for increased safety (no, really, they’re even SAFER), and ease of use. The G4 seats now have easier installation with color-coded lockoffs and labels, a new infant insert (so you don’t have to buy one separately), adjusted Harness Ultra Guard System (HUGS) pads, and stepped-down weight limits to reflect changing FMVSS testing standards. We’ve got the new Marathon G4, Advocate G4, and Pavilion G4 on and in our stores – and you can hear exactly how fantastic these seats are directly from Britax / B.O.B. representatives at our upcoming Grand Opening celebration at our new store in Fairfield, Connecticut!

The Fairfield store is our first brick-and-mortar location outside of the Boston area, and we’re celebrating its launch with a weekend-long event, from February 28 through March 2. There will be plenty of awesome giveaways, informational seminars, promotional discounts, and family fun all weekend long – see the full schedule for the event here. And if you’re in the market for a new car seat, don’t miss our Car Seat Safety Seminar on Saturday at 4 – register for free here. We can’t wait to see you there!


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