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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Fairfield Grand Opening Spotlight: Baby Jogger

Fairfield Grand Opening Spotlight: Baby Jogger

It can be a bit confusing: despite the name, not every Baby Jogger stroller is meant for running. And the phrase “baby jogger” is used extremely loosely – for instance, this friendly dad is running with a Schwinn, and this mom is running with a Mountain Buggy. So, what makes a Baby Jogger a Baby Jogger?

The name is, in fact, an artifact of the company’s origin. In 1984, writer Phil Baechler was trying to figure out how to integrate his son Travis into his favorite hobby, which was running. Some garage tinkering led to the invention first three-wheeled stroller, and from there, the business took off fast and branched out quickly.

These days, a lot of other companies make jogging strollers, but Baby Jogger wasn’t done innovating: next, they created the Quick-Fold. Their jogging strollers have that fantastic fold too, but here in Boston, you’ll see a lot more City Minis on the street: they’re not for jogging, but not only do these sporty little guys fold in one swift and simple step, but they weigh under 17 pounds, boast a tidy little footprint, and fit a lot of comfort features into a small package, making it a champion urban stroller.

baby-jogger-city-select-amethystAnd then there’s the Baby Jogger City Select, a tandem double stroller that has won rave reviews everywhere for all of its seating configurations: you can put one or two kids in 16 different seating positions!  Again, it’s not a jogger, but it’s one of our top-selling Baby Jogger models.

With that said, we always carry at least one Baby Jogger stroller that’s actually for jogging! Along with that awesome Quick-Fold and a ton of comfort features that keep kids contented while you get some exercise, the Baby Jogger Summit X3 has its own special feature: a front-wheel swivel lock that’s right on the handlebar. No need to bend over in front of your stroller, or get street grime from the wheel on your hands. It’s all about convenience.

There’s even more Baby Jogger to explore on our website and in our stores – the brand new Vue and the Versa for starters – but we think we’ve gotten the point across: Baby Jogger is all about innovation and convenience, no matter what pace you choose for strolling!

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