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Everything hinges upon it…

Everything hinges upon it…

Phil & Teds Sport BuggyIn reference to Sheri’s post from yesterday, I wanted to provide some additional information about the recall involving the Phil & Teds Sport Buggy V1, e3 Buggy, and e3 Twin strollers.  Regal-Lager, the U.S. distributor of Phil & Teds products, has issued what they’re calling a “recall to repair” for those stroller models.

Unlike many issues that can prompt a recall, this one has nothing to do with the child’s safety having been compromised – instead, it’s for the benefit of the parent.  Regal-Lager had received some complaints that it was easy for people to get their fingers pinched in the metal hinge of the stroller while folding it.  Because the folding mechanism is right next to the hinge itself, that area does become a possible pinch point.  So to make sure everyone’s fingers are kept safe, Regal-Lager will send a complimentary hinge cover set to each consumer who purchased a Phil & Teds e3, e3 Twin, or Sport Buggy V1.

The V2, the newest version of the Sport Buggy, is not affected by this recall because it already has the hinge covers in place.  If you own a Sport Buggy but are unsure of which version you have, take a look at the pivot point between the spring-loaded tabs by the stroller’s footrest.  If the metal hinge is exposed, you have a V1.  If the hinge is protected on either side by a plastic cover (it looks like a section cut from a circle), then you have a V2 and your stroller is not affected by this recall.

If you do have an affected stroller, you can request a set of hinge covers from Regal-Lager by calling their customer service number: 877-242-5676, or by filling out the request form on their website:

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