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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!

Essential, meaning you’ve got to have it.

PodWhen JJ Cole introduced their Essentials Bag, the first product in the burgeoning Essentials category, I was dubious. The bag was cute and all, but what did parents need with a diaper bag that offered very limited storage space and didn’t include a changing pad? I still don’t quite get it, but with the introduction of the new Diapers & Wipes Pod, I can justify it.

Diaper “clutches” (small, purse-like bags that hold only the basics) continue to be all the rage, but this pod is sort of a golden cross between a clutch and a diaper bag accessory. You can store your diapers and wipes in the pod, along with an included changing mat. Then, toss it into (or clip it onto) your favorite non-diaper bag or attach it to your stroller. If it’s floating around in your diaper bag, it will make changes quicker and easier because everything is in one place. Plus, the waterproof vinyl exterior makes it sturdy enough to be your diaper bag on the go. And I love the magnetic closure. So classy, and so easy.

This product is just the latest in a parade of pods from JJ Cole, and now the Essentials Bag has become something of a mothership (pardon the diaper bag cross reference, for those who are keeping track) that houses and coordinates perfectly with all these little pods.

Incidentally, in June I wrote a post comparing the JJ Cole Essentials Blanket with the Tuffo Blanket. For what it’s worth, I’ve fallen completely and head-over-heels in love with my Essentials Blanket. I’ve used it so many times over the summer for picnics, afternoons in the playground and at the beach. It has stayed clean and stayed put each time I’ve used it, and I always get oohs and aahs when people see how it folds.

So if you’re into color coordination (or even if you aren’t), consider investing in the Essentials line. Not only will everything match, but you’ll never remember how you lived without these handy accessories.

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