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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!

e3 Recall

e3The CPSC has today announced a recall of the Phil and Ted’s e3 Buggy. This is a voluntary recall due to an “abrasion hazard” to children when they are seated in the rear position of the toddler seat. A while back, I reported that Regal Lager, the US distributor for Phil and Ted’s was sending out free wheel guards to any customer who requested them. Now, these wheel guards are also the official fix to this problem.

For any parent who has used the Phil and Ted’s stroller for two kids, this recall probably won’t be a big surprise. My kids used to love getting their hands filthy from touching the moving wheels. But there has been one report of an injury (a scraped arm), so Regal Lager decided to make sure that every stroller is outfitted with the wheel guards to prevent any further injuries.

If you have a Phil and Ted’s e3 that is not already outfitted with wheel guards, please call Regal Lager at (800) 593-5522 and they will send you a pair. We are asking to have some available in our store, but in the meantime the best and quickest fix is to call them directly. The guards are a bit tricky to affix, so we’re working on putting together a photo sequence to make it easier for anyone trying to do the installation. Stay tuned.

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