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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Drool Baby Expo: Regal-Lager Spotlight 2021

Drool Baby Expo: Regal-Lager Spotlight 2021

This year’s Drool Baby Expo is going Virtual, but we’ll still have all the brands you know and love from Drools past! This year we’ll have a spotlight on Regal-Lager, one of our favorite distributors who claim some of the most unique, innovative products in the baby gear market. 

Dekor - Cleverly designed for long-term usage, this diaper pail has extensive sealing, from silicone edges to a locking door, to virtually eliminate odors. The innovative eco-friendly design of the Dekor Diaper Pail allows you to use as few bags as you need, and to take out the trash at your convenience. It makes a great addition to any nursery and seamlessly transitions to bathroom decor once kids grow out of it.

Qdos - If you’ve ever wondered why babyproofing had to look so cheap, so did Qdos! They’ve created an intelligent design that performs better than the rest. Engineered with higher quality materials than most major market brands, the Qdos Babyproofing lasts longer too! Its intuitive, elegant design makes it a breeze to install and a barely noticeable addition to the decor. 

Nomi - The master of active sitting, Peter Opsvik, designed the Nomi Evomove almost half a century after he designed his first world-famous high chair. This new design is more modern and minimalist than its predecessor and offers a completely unique look at what a chair can be. The idea of active sitting is encouraged by the chair’s most eye-catching feature, its single, curved wooden support beam. The beam’s grooves allow the seat to adjust up or down, encourage active sitting in the later stages of the chair’s usage. Like his previous chair, this is made to start from 6 months and last through adulthood.

Love to Dream - One of our favorite swaddles, with many weights to accommodate different climates, as well as transitional and sleepsack options to accommodate every stage of sleep! The Love to Dream Swaddles are versatile and adjustable, with patented design that allows for baby to sleep with their arms up. Naturally the most comfortable position, the Swaddleup design limits the startle reflex so kids can be comfortable without waking themselves up. 

Lascal - The universal stroller board that fits the widest array of strollers available. Easy attachment allows you to connect with nearly any stroller on the market (full list here). The Lascal Buggy Board makes riding with multiple kids as smooth and comfortable as possible, and with their new Saddle Seat they’ll be able to ride even more safely. 

Don’t miss your chance to learn all about Regal-Lager and what makes their products special at Drool Baby Expo on March 7th!

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