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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Drool spotlight: Nuna products beyond be-“Leaf”

Drool spotlight: Nuna products beyond be-“Leaf”

nuna-leaf 1European companies typically launch into the American baby gear market with one signature product that’s visually striking and functionally unique. The most obvious example is the Bugaboo Frog, which brought on the era of the luxury stroller, but we could also point to the Beaba Babycook, or the striking Babyhome Emotion Stroller, or the signature high chairs from Stokke and Svan – all beautiful products that function just a bit differently (and a bit better) than the version you’re accustomed to.

Nuna of the Netherlands has rocketed onto the baby gear scene with their own signature item: the Nuna Leaf Floating Baby Lounger. It looks like nothing we’ve ever seen; it works like nothing we’ve ever seen. And… you can try it out for yourself. Find another baby bouncer that does that!

Here’s the rundown of why we love the Leaf:

  • The motion: Instead of rocking, bouncing, or vibrating, the Leaf floats gently from side to side. There’s no motor; just unlock the latch in the base and give it a gentle nudge, and the Leaf uses baby’s weight to sway soundlessly from side to side. Just watch any of the videos of the Leaf online, and you’ll see: the slow swaying mimics the motion of a falling leaf, a motion that’s instinctively restful.
  • The look: The asymmetrical Leaf seat, available in a variety of stylish neutral colors, is perched atop a shiny metal base. Compare the Leaf to more typical bouncers with blaring bright colors and toy bars, motors and music, and it looks like it belongs in a modern art museum (or, your tasteful modern living room).
  • The weight limit: The Nuna Leaf is the only baby bouncer that’s still useful beyond babyhood! The exceptionally high weight limit (130 pounds) means that toddlers and older kids can continue to enjoy the rocking motion of the Leaf, using it as a fun rocking chair until… well, pretty much forever, since rocking never stops being fun.

But that’s not all: when Nuna does trade shows, they bring the deluxe Leaf along, sized specifically for grownups! So, if you come to the Drool Baby Expo on May 21, you don’t have to imagine what it feels like for your baby to be soothed to sleep in the Leaf – you can give it a try yourself! Just don’t doze off in the adult Leaf, because we expect that the line to try it out will be long.nuna-leaf 2

And while you’re waiting for your turn in the adult-sized Leaf, you can check out the rest of Nuna’s terrific assortment of beautifully designed Euro-baby gear. Not everything that Nuna sells is as visually striking as the Leaf, but they all boast a clean, ultra-modern style and long-lasting function that gives you terrific value for your baby gear dollar:

  • Zaaz High Chair: Featuring a hidden pneumatic lift and a crevice-free design that makes cleaning incredibly easy, the Zaaz is also made to last – right up to adulthood! Simply put: it’s a high chair that will never cease to be useful. And it’s sleek and lovely to boot.
  • Sena Travel Crib: The clever zigzag leg design makes this cozy travel cot amazingly easy and fast to set up and break down. It’s light, it’s cute, and Nuna says it’s the only travel cot with an upper cot that folds with the frame. Also available as the petite Sena Mini.
  • Pipa Infant Car Seat: The Pipa isn’t out yet, but the buzz is gathering; praised it when they saw it at the 2012 ABC Expo, emphasizing the rigid LATCH, the load leg, the robust canopy, the “dream drape,” and “a really nice lock-off on the base for seatbelt installations.” It’s also rated all the way down to 4 pounds, making it a great choice for teeny preemies.
  • Pepp Stroller: How much function can you fit into 19 pounds of stroller? The upcoming Pepp really packs it in – it’s rated for use from birth up to toddlerhood, you can perform multiple functions with just one hand (unfolding, pushing, etc), it has a height-adjustable handle, and it folds down to backpack size for easy travel.

Like our other favorite Euro brands, Nuna is so much more than their signature product. Explore them all and chat up their charming representatives at the Drool Baby Expo!

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