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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Drool spotlight: Diono’s customer service gets you the perfect fit

Drool spotlight: Diono’s customer service gets you the perfect fit

diono1Every car seat you can purchase here at Magic Beans does essentially the same job: a plastic shell and layers of foam and padding position your child comfortably, cushion him from the bumps in the road, and protect his body from crash forces in the event of an accident. Infant car seats are optimized for the smallest babies, and are most portable; convertible seats protect kids up through the preschool years, and booster seats position the safety belt for optimal protection for older kids who are still too short to ride without one. Every seat is tested in minute detail, so as long as you follow the directions to the letter, these car seats have got you covered.

The devil is in the details: there are hundreds upon hundreds of car models, each brand and model different from each other, and each model year is just a little different. So, finding the right car seat to fit your car and your kid can require some guidance. Our expert customer service reps are trained to pinpoint your needs, match you with the right seat, and even teach you how to install it, but when it comes to the everyday use of your car seat, day in, day out, we’re so glad that Diono offers such fantastic customer service.

For a few quick examples, we checked out Diono’s Facebook page, where you can get product updates, advice, and the occasional generous giveaway (and a convertible car seat/booster that your child can use for ten years is no small freebie!). Questions that were fielded in the comments section included easy, universal questions like:

  • At what age should my seat go from rear-facing to front-facing? (Answer: as old as possible – rear-facing is always safer!)
  • Can I fold my R120 with the infant insert pillows attached? (Answer: sorry, no.)
  • Will my RXT fit both my infant and my 4 ½ year old? (Answer: yes, if the older child is shorter than 57”.)

But they also included some tougher and more specific questions, like:diono2

  • When rear-facing my car seat, can it safely touch the front seat? (Answer: check your vehicle manual to see if pressure against the back of the seat will affect the airbag sensor.)
  • Will the GTX or RXT fit well rear-facing in my 2007 Toyota Camry? (Answer: call us, and we’ll help you figure it out.)
  • My 3 year old weighs 36 pounds and my 15 month old weighs 19 pounds. What Diono car seat should I get? (Answer: the R120 and the RXT will both work – see if you can find the RXT on sale!)
  • Can I install an RXT in my Corolla? (Answer: Diono provided the name and personal phone extension for their staff CPS advocate, for specific guidance.)
  • My independent child uses the flexible side panel of his car seat to hoist himself in – is he going to break it? (Answer: now, that’s a toughie! We’ll ask our engineer and get back to you.)

We were especially impressed by a story from a mom named Sara, who was experiencing issues with a retired Sunshine Kids seat (Diono changed their name from Sunshine Kids in 2011). When she contacted Diono, she sent pictures and a video clip, demonstrating how the seat’s cam/nose lock broke, rendering the seat unusable.

To her surprise and delight, not only did Diono offer to ship a brand new seat to replace it, but they also offered to pay to have the damaged seat sent back to them, so that their engineers could examine it for research purposes. Sara writes:

“If for some reason they can find something that can help save a life or keep a kiddo from being injured then bravo to them for caring enough to do this! Thank you Diono for standing behind a product you didn’t even manufacture and helping us keep our kiddo safe and sound on the roads!”

If you’re trying to find the perfect car seat for your new baby, your chance is coming up next week: Diono will be exhibiting all of their seats at our Drool Baby Expo on May 21. You can compare, contrast, and ask all those tough car seat questions in person, and get familiar with our other top baby gear brands, too. Many manufacturers will be offering fantastic one-night-only deals, and we’re going to be raffling off some of our most popular items, as well. Don’t miss it – get your tickets today!

Come to Drool!

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