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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Drool spotlight: 4moms does it dramatically better

Drool spotlight: 4moms does it dramatically better

mamaroo2If you were to play a quick game of word association with baby brands, the word that you’d hear the most frequently with regards to 4Moms is “technology.” After all, their most well-known products (the Mamaroo Bouncer and the Origami Stroller) both incorporate robotics.

But really, while the robotics are what make 4Moms products newsworthy (and get them given away on the Ellen DeGeneres Show), they’re incidental to the true mission of 4Moms: “Develop dramatically better juvenile products and build a great company.” By “dramatically better products,” they mean products that “redefine the most important attribute in their category.”

That is to say, every 4Moms product endeavors to do what it does a little better than any similar product. Take the Mamaroo, for instance. Your average swing or bouncer has one or two motions, with little to no option to increase or decrease the speed or intensity; it might give you one or two sound options, or vibration. The Mamaroo not only gives you more motions, but it gives you better motions: the engineers at 4Moms studied the natural ways that real moms bounced their babies, and then programmed the Mamaroo to duplicate them.

If your baby loves a side to side and around motion? Mamaroo does it. If your baby will only sleep in a running car? Mamaroo imitates it. If your baby prefers slower or faster motion? You can adjust it. Baby loves a particular song? Plug in your MP3. Baby loves white noise? The gentle hum of Mamaroo’s motor is soothing, and you can augment it with white noise or nature sound settings. Oh, and no batteries are necessary – Mamaroo plugs into the wall.

The true test of the Mamaroo, of course, isn’t when your baby is happy: it’s when your baby is crabby, colicky, teething, or just generally freaked out, and really needs a hand getting to sleep (so you can get to sleep). That’s when the Mamaroo goes from being a nifty gadget to a true lifesaver. A few testimonials from the 4Moms Facebook page:

“Look who LOVES his new Mamaroo!!! Thank you so much for helping soothe my little guy between heart surgeries. He is a slow moving ocean movement kinda fellow. He’s really cranky tonight so we didn’t score a smile, but not crying is improvement enough for this mamma!”

“Our mamaroo is working like new, and it’s absolutely helping our colicky baby!!! She LOVES the new speeds. You all completely made an exception for me and my baby, and I truly appreciate your customer service!!!!”

“I have preemie twins born at 28 weeks this August and it has been great for their reflux issues. We put them in it after feedings and position them upright and they have slept in them also since when on their backs flat they choke a lot on reflux at night (and we get less sleep). We got two of them and they have been awesome.”

From the Apartment Therapy review:

“Baby Alex and I had hung out a couple times before we brought over the MamaRoo, but this was the first time his parents had left him alone with babysitters (My wife and I). He’s a fairly amiable little guy but once he realized his parents were gone, he wasn’t thrilled. After doing some prescribed soothing and bouncing of our own, we tucked him into the MamaRoo (With his parents permission, of course!) and turned it on the Car Ride setting. Almost instantly, he fell asleep!”

And finally: a video is worth a thousand words. Watch this very sweet dad strapping his teeny baby into the Mamaroo – and watch the baby fall instantly asleep!

Not convinced that you need a Mamaroo yet? Come see it in person, and meet representatives from 4Moms at the Drool Baby Expo, on May 21.

Come to Drool!

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