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Drool Sponsor Spotlight: Maclaren is the granddaddy of stroller companies

Drool Sponsor Spotlight: Maclaren is the granddaddy of stroller companies

vintage-maclarenLife can go in wonderful and unexpected directions if you let your creativity lead the way. Owen Maclaren, former test pilot and a gifted aeronautical designer, made a fateful decision when his daughter visited him from the US in the early 1960s: the oversized and clunky prams of the era just weren’t good enough for his grandchild, so he decided to apply his engineering know-how in a new way to solve the problem.

Thus was born the original Maclaren Baby Buggy, the first folding umbrella stroller. This breezy little beauty weighed a mere six pounds, and had such a unique and iconic look that one of these jaunty strollers is in the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). Check out this photo gallery where the original Maclaren strikes some poses for the camera!

After the invention of the original buggy spawned the company’s growth and hundreds of imitators, the Andrews Maclaren company has continued to introduce new inventions – in 1976, the Maclaren Pram Buggy was the first buggy to transform into a foldable pram and also carry a removable carrycot. In 1981, Maclaren was the first UK manufacturer to use front swivel wheels and linked brakes (all of which is now standard). And in 1991, they introduced a stroller that could carry a car seat (which we now know as a travel system) and the Duette, the first double umbrella stroller that fit through standard doorways.

maclaren-pink-volo-2Today, Maclaren is still known as the top company for ultra-lightweight but comfortable strollers. Consider the Maclaren Volo, which at 9 pounds, carries on the lightweight legacy of the original Maclaren Baby Buggy, with a modern look. Or the comfy and gorgeous Techno XT, which weighs only 15 pounds but has a full recline, suitable for a newborn.

We’re proud to have the manufacturers of the very first umbrella stroller as sponsors of the very first Drool Baby Expo,  an extraordinary expo for new & expectant parents happening on May 31 at the Seaport Hotel in Boston. Get your Drool tickets today and get ready to test drive some Maclarens!


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