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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Drool Baby Expo Recap: The Best Drool Yet!

Drool Baby Expo Recap: The Best Drool Yet!

Did you make it to this year’s Drool Baby Expo? Since its debut in 2011, Drool has been the #1 event for expectant parents in New England, and it gets bigger every year, with more exhibitors, more attendees, more giveaways, and more fun!  Every spring, at Drool Baby Expo, you can:

  • Enjoy interactive demos of the best products from all of our favorite premium baby gear brands, including Bugaboo, Orbit Baby, ERGObaby, UPPAbaby, Nuna, BabyBjorn, and many more;
  • Get exclusive one-night-only discounts on the best gear on the market, including items that never go on sale;
  • Enter to win awesome baby gear in our raffles;
  • Leave with a sumptuous gift bag; and
  • Munch on yummy snacks and sip complimentary mocktails while you shop!

After the show, we asked Drool fans to tell us what they liked best about this show, and got some serious rave reviews. Here are a few of the best ones, and some pictures from the event, too.


drool baby expo Attendees Walking Into Event

“I liked the stress free exposure to products that I might not otherwise get to see in person, touch and ask questions about. Most of the products I would usually see online, so getting to see them in person was good. Also LOVED the gift bag! The mocktails were amazing too! Great touch!” – Kristin C.

drool baby expo fridababy

“Being able to talk one on one with the vendors. Even though it was crazy busy, I loved being able to see the best brand names in person and talk to a representative. I didn’t have an opportunity to have a ton of personal time with all of the ones I wanted to, but the ones that were most important to me I got to take some time with and really enjoyed that. Plus all of the discounts and the gifts bags – great bonus! I was SO happy with Nuna’s discount for my stroller, car seat, and Leaf. That was the BEST and made the 3 hour drive worth it!” – Kimberly C.

Editor’s note: Wow, Kim, thanks for coming all the way out here to see us!

drool baby expo a + a

“I liked the amount and diversity of vendors, the mix of both knowledgeable vendors AND Magic Beans staff that helped answer any questions I or my husband might have. I feel like this event was a perfect reflection of the Magic Beans brand in terms of knowledgeable staff ready to share excitement about products and help me make a smart decision on big ticket items. I loved the local vendor area and sort of wished I had looped back to them after I went through the major brands area. I thought the distribution of snacks and beverages made it so I was never thirsty or hungry… I loved the pop up shop! We ended up purchasing some swaddles and bibs we probably would not have bought otherwise.” – Emily L.

drool baby expo baby bjorn

“Awesome brands represented, very knowledgeable and helpful people. Really helped my husband and I to begin thinking as we are not due until August. I used it as a kick off to researching items and thinking about our registry. It was so great to try everything and be so hands on. I’ve told so many of my friends about products I did and didn’t like and many who already have children agreed, but wished they had tried things before they were purchased.” – Jen A.

drool baby expo magic beans

“Excellent deals and wonderful magic Beans Sales associates – Diana was fantastic and helped us make the right baby gear choices for our lifestyle.” – Vasilia V.

drool baby expo bugaboo

“It was great to see so many high end vendors in one location and get hands-on with their products. I live in western Mass and there are not a lot of stores that carry the vendors I was interested in seeing – they were all at Drool Baby Expo!” – Angela E.

drool baby expo local vendor

“It was great being able to speak with the different vendors and learn about their products. I also liked that there were local vendors present, and the nursing area was very convenient.” – Lindsay S.

drool baby expo mocktail

“I loved how friendly everyone was at Drool Baby Expo. I loved that I was able to see and handle new products and I enjoyed learning about the new products. And of course, I enjoyed all the free samples! The mocktails were fantastic!” – Christina L.

drool baby expo cupcakes

“Loved having all the vendors in one spot, all the employees were happy & enthusiastic, very well laid out, the food and beverage was a nice touch, the pop up shop was amazing because you didn’t feel pressure from the vendors to buy their products right there, loved everything about it as a first time mom!” – Shannon Z.

drool baby expo attendee w baby

“I have four month old twins and have been calling stores asking how many twin strollers they offer- usually the answer is one or two. I didn’t want to just order a stroller from Amazon either without physically trying out a few. Drool Baby Expo was a nice way to try many twin strollers from many vendors all in one place.” – Ning H.

drool baby expo attendees


“All of the staff at the event were so friendly and helpful! It was easy to see every product and I did not have to stand in line to see a product I was interested in.” – Stephanie H.



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