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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Dr. Brown’s gives you Options: Bottles that grow with your baby!

Dr. Brown’s gives you Options: Bottles that grow with your baby!

Dr. brown's options feeding bottle for baby


I love it when I find other really dedicated baby gear geeks on the internet – folks who get just as excited as we do consultation small squarewhen our favorite brands come out with something really neat! Momma Alia, first-time mom and gear reviewer, was so excited when the new Dr. Brown’s Options Bottles were on the way that even her UPS guy “knew I was waiting for something good.”

And according to Alia’s review and others, these bottles are totally worth waiting for: they utilize the same tried and true venting system as the prized Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow bottles, but when you feel that your baby doesn’t need the vent anymore, you can use the bottle without it!

The internal venting system in a Dr. Brown’s baby bottle reroutes the flow of air into the vent tube, bypassing your dr. browns options bottle-comparisonmilk or baby formula, and keeping air bubbles out of the mix so baby doesn’t swallow them. The result is a happier baby tummy, and a happier mom. However, when you watch the video review, you’ll see that the vent adds a few steps to the cleaning process – it’s just so much easier to clean without it. The Options Bottle minus the vent works similarly to nipple-vented bottles, providing a paced flow.

So once your baby has become enough of an expert at drinking from a bottle to burp or pass gas when she swallows too much air, you can put the vent aside and save yourself some cleaning! And since it’s the exact same bottle your baby is used to drinking from, it will be a seamless transition.

As with previous Dr. Brown’s bottles, the Options bottles are designed to help with colic, spit-up, gas, and other digestive issues, and are designed to preserve all of the vitamins in the milk. You can also pump right into the bottles, another great time-saver. A variety of nipples are available for the many stages of babyhood, so you can adjust as baby grows. We love the fact that Dr. Brown’s is so dedicated to making your life easier, since that’s our mission too!

Watch Alia’s video and learn all about the Dr. Brown’s Options bottles here:

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