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Double the kids, double the bag

Double the kids, double the bag

Duo Double RedAlmost from the moment they first hit the shelves, Skip Hop bags have been a smash hit. The Duo was their first design, and it was compact, stylish, and it ingeniously clipped onto the back of a stroller. Most parents loved it, but for parents who had more than one diaper-wearing kid, it wasn’t big enough. “Make it bigger,” they said. And Ellen and Michael Diamant at Skip Hop listened. They created two new designs, each bigger than the original Duo (but not by much). The Expo and the Dash are both sleek, chic and — yes — they attach to a stroller. Most parents loved them, but for parents who had lots of kids, or liked to carry a ton of stuff, they weren’t big enough. At this point, if we’re giving a true history, it’s worth noting that the Skip Hop team actually deferred supersizing any further, and instead released the tiny, adorable and oh-so-functional Pronto. But with the Pronto complete, Skip Hop finally designed a bag that is big enough for just about anyone.

The new Duo Double arrived yesterday, and I had a chance to give it a thorough once-over this morning. There’s a lot to love about this bag. It’s designed for folks who routinely push a side-by-side double stroller, so it’s extra-wide. It has shoulder straps (tote-bag style) or a messanger strap, as well as small straps for the stroller attachment. On the outside of the bag, there are pockets galore, and Skip Hop has replaced all the velcro closures with magnetic snaps. The inside of the bag seals with a zipper, and inside there is an oversized zippered pocket designed for wallet, keys, etc. There are lots of pockets inside, too, including some mesh pockets, perfect for diapers, toys and other things you need to find quickly. There’s a key fob, a phone pocket, place to stow pens and pencils. In fact, according to the Skip Hop website, the Duo Double boasts no fewer than 15 pockets. It’s a roomy bag, but not so big that it’s bulky or unwieldy when it’s off the stroller. For all the parents who tote around too much stuff for a traditional Skip Hop bag, the Duo Double will almost definitely be big enough.

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