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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans

Done and done.

Our Brookline store will reopen today at 10am – one day ahead of schedule. Our construction schedule was only six days long, so that extra day is pretty amazing. To give you some idea of what went into this week:

On Saturday night, we closed the store and started packing up the merchandise.

On Sunday, we moved all the merchandise to the warehouse, one truckload at a time. The contractor’s crew came in and worked with our crew to demolish the carpet, the old playscape, and the flooring in the bathroom area.

On Monday, the contractor built the walls for the new playscape and stock corridor. They painted, too. The flooring contractor cleaned up the subfloor to get it ready for the new, beautiful flooring.

On Tuesday, they put down new, eco-friendly flooring all though the store.

On Wednesday, they finished the flooring. The contractor’s crew finished painting.

On Thursday morning, our team moved back in, scrubbing and cleaning to get rid of all the dust before the merchandise came back. The warehouse brought truckload after truckload of merchandise. The contractor finished up a few small things. A brand new eco-friendly electronic door-opener was installed. Magic Beans people came from all four stores, the headquarters and the warehouse and worked with an incredible energy and enthusiasm all day long and completely remerchandised the entire store. It was really something to see. And I scraped five years worth of Scotch tape from the back of the cash wrap with a razor blade and a whole lot of Goo Gone. We were done by 8pm.

Which brings us to today. I will post pictures later today, but if you’re curious, come and see it for yourself this morning.

Huge, huge kudos go out to SO many people (in addition to the contractor and flooring guys). Meredith, Mary Kate, the WHOLE Brookline team (you guys are so incredible), all those who came from the other stores and the office to pitch in, and especially Dustin, Doug and the crew at the warehouse. It was a huge job and you all rocked it. Thank you.

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