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Demanding supply

Demanding supply

Two of my favorite items for the fourth quarter are having serious availability issues, and it’s a bummer.

Svan Mini FurnitureThe Svan Miniature Table and Chairs set isn’t going to be available again until 2008 because of an issue with their last shipment. I haven’t heard the whole story yet, but I do know that they’re pretty much impossible to find at this point. I’ve been searching for a replacement product, but I’m at a loss. That set is an unbelievable value at $199 for the table, three chairs and a stool. And aside from the great design sensibility, the quality is amazing. I have a set in my house that survived a year in the Playscape in our store before retiring here, and it has taken many a beating. But it has held up beautifully. Sorry. I don’t mean to sell you on something you can’t have. But I guess my point is, if you wanted a Svan table and chair set this holiday season, your best bet is probably to give/take an IOU and wait until next year.

Brookspond Buggy BlanketI’ve also heard that Brookspond is having a supply problem, and the 2008 version of the best-selling Buggy Blankets won’t be available until after the new year. I love this product, and Mitra Morgan, the founder of Brookspond is a friend of mine, so I’m really sad to hear about this. Fortunately, there’s a limited supply of the 2007 Buggy Blankets at this point, so if you want one, don’t wait too long.

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