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Deck the halls for new arrivals: new baby gear at Magic Beans!

Deck the halls for new arrivals: new baby gear at Magic Beans!

With all of the hoopla around toys at this time of year, we hope that customers shopping for baby gear haven’t felt neglected. We certainly haven’t forgotten you: we’re constantly bringing in the coolest new products from all of the best baby brands, and that never stops. And besides – many of these items also make great gifts for new parents! Here are a few year-end arrivals that we’re psyched about – you can find them at and at every Magic Beans store.

Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Blend Special Edition Stroller

cameleon 3 blendSome Bugaboo special edition strollers have been all about the visual pop – I’m a gal who loves huge bursts of color, so I’m in love with the gigantic red hibiscus flowers in the Bugaboo Warhol collection. Other special editions, however, keep their “wow” factor more subdued and sophisticated, and really impress on a closer examination, like the Cameleon 3 in Sahara a few years back: like the Sahara, the new Blend is all about texture and contrast.

The Cameleon 3 Blend’s exterior looks and feels like real woolen tweed, but don’t be fooled: it’s actually a breathable polyester blend that won’t get babies overheated! We love the textured herringbone look, and how it contrasts with the inside fabrics: the iridescent blue Tencel lining gives the interior of the stroller a sort of glowing look. The Blend is finished off with a faux-leather handlebar and matching belly bar/bassinet handle.

Of course, as with all Cameleon 3 models, the Blend comes with full fabric sets to utilize your stroller seat frame as a toddler seat or a bassinet, and you can also purchase a matching footmuff in the same lovely colors to pull the whole look together this winter!

Get another look at the Blend in this video:


Nuna Tavo Stroller

We’re huge fans of the recent Nuna Mixx Stroller , and when we asked customers whether they wanted to check out the similar but more compact Tavo, the answer was a resounding yes! The Tavo is a smidge lighter than the Mixx, with a wonderful compact fold, but still has awesome suspension, a HUGE canopy with tons of adjustment points, an enormous storage basket, and more.

Take another look at our demo of the Nuna Tavo Stroller at this year’s ABC Kids Expo:

New from Beco Baby: the Beco Ring Sling and the 2016 Beco Gemini Carrier with Pocket

beco-gemini-pocket-2016-nimbus-GPHC-NMB-bWe already introduced the new Beco Ring Sling a few months ago when we tried it out at the ABC Kids Expo, and we love it! Ring slings are a great grab-and-go option for busy families, and Beco brings the same terrific quality and well-thought-out design to their sling as to their well-loved carriers.

Speaking of which: the Gemini has been updated for 2016! It’s still the same no-fuss, fully-featured soft-structured carrier which allows a full variety of babywearing positions, including a forward-facing position for curious kiddos who want to see their surroundings. The new version adds a front pocket, giving you another spot to tuck in your phone or your keys so they’re easy to grab.

And will you look at those beautiful new patterns? I’ve often felt that Beco carriers were the prettiest baby carriers on the market, but they often looked a little too girly, making them a little less appealing to dads. These new styles, especially Nimbus, are perfectly unisex and still gorgeous. Bravo, Beco!

Watch Eli’s review of the new Ring Sling here:

Ergobaby 360 Cool Air Mesh Four Position Baby Carrier 

ergo-360-coolair-mesh-carbon-gray-BC360PBLKGRY-aWhen our experts compared the Beco Gemini and the Ergo 360 last year, Meghan and Chelsea noted that because the Ergo has more fabric, it seemed like it might be a little warm for summer, or for parents in warm climates.

Since those clever designers at Ergobaby think of everything, they’ve found a very nice solution for this problem: the 360 Cool Air Mesh carrier substituted a 3D air mesh panel in the front to keep baby cool, and integrated mesh into the straps and other parts of the carrier for your comfort. Voila! Cool comfort for all!

Watch Jill’s comparison between the original Ergo 360 and the Cool Air Mesh model here:

New from Fridababy:
Feverfrida, the Thermonitor 
Nailfrida, the Snipperclipper File & Nail Clipper 
Fridet, the Momwasher 

feverfridaSpeaking of cool and clever: Fridababy is famous for one of the stranger must-haves for new parents, the Nosefrida. It’s (s)not appealing, but it sure gets the job done: the famous Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator is the #1 best way to clear a sniffly baby’s nose. If you’ve ever tried a regular bulb aspirator, you know that it can really freak kids out and cause crying, but I swear to you, you can find videos of kids giggling while Mom clears their nose out. (I am not linking to any of them because naturally, this product has a bit of a gross-out factor… but nobody told you parenting was going to be easy, did they?)

With that said: once they were done perfecting the art of dealing with stuffy noses, the folks at Fridababy moved on to solving other everyday challenges. For instance, clipping teeny baby nails is super-nervewracking, so they equipped the Nailfrida with a safety spyhole to improve your aim, so you don’t have to worry about nicking those precious little fingers.

Likewise, the Fridet Momwasher improves on the hospital-issued peri bottle by helping new mamas take care of their tender nether regions: it’s designed to be held upside-down, has a long angled neck, and is easy to squeeze. Perfect!

Finally: the Feverfrida takes the ‘frida range into the high-tech world, using Bluetooth technology to ease your worries and lets everyone get a little more sleep when your baby is sick! You stick a little adhesive patch under baby’s arm, and the FeverFrida checks her temperature every four seconds without waking her. It tracks data for pediatrician visits, and will alert you via phone or tablet if your baby’s temp rises above a predetermined threshold. It’s so very smart.

That’s not all that’s new here, of course, but that’s all we’ve got time for – so if you don’t see the gear you need here, ask us! Our customer service reps and store staff are fully versed in the ins and outs of baby gear, and they’re always happy to help.


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