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Day 27: Stokke Signature Collection Tripp Trapp Chair

Day 27: Stokke Signature Collection Tripp Trapp Chair

When I first heard about the new Signature Collection Tripp Trapp chair, I was skeptical. I read the email on my iPhone as it loaded, first the text and then the pictures. My first thought was, why would anyone buy a super-expensive, pretty Tripp Trapp when the regular Tripp Trapp chairs are already so nice looking? I changed my mind within seconds when the picture of the American Walnut chair loaded. Suddenly, I wanted one. No, I wanted three.

The Tripp Trapp is already a pretty nice piece of furniture, even with the basic wood finish. But the Signature Collection really raises the bar on the quality of materials and workmansh It’s rare that a high chair can actually enhance the elegance of a room in your house, but the Signature Collection chairs will do just that. Aside from the gorgeous artisan wood, I’m also in love with the brushed nickel hardware — a very nice touch.

I may not get my Signature Collection Tripp Trapp, but today YOU can get one for free. Enter to win now!

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