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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans

Day 26 – Playmobil Egypt Set

Playmobil Egypt SetIt’s probably not easy to be the person at Playmobil responsible for dreaming up new themes. In theory, the world offers a vast amount of inspiration, but still. How many different settings can legitimately be a springboard for multiple play sets? Playmobil has already covered so many, with farms, castles, pirate ships, zoos, a circus, a hospital, and so many others.

And what was the reaction in the meeting (because surely, at some point there was a meeting), when that person said, “Hey, how about an Egyptian pyramid?” Did anyone think s/he was crazy? I wonder about that.

By the time we previewed the Egypt collection at Toy Fair, the idea was fully developed and the resulting play sets were stunning. Full of mystique and gold accents, they’re exotic enough to attract kids who have no knowledge of life in ancient Egypt, but they’re historically accurate enough to be a rich supplement to any formal (or informal) education on the subject.

For Day 26, we’re giving away the complete suite of Egypt play sets, including the amazing Pyramid, the Sphinx, Royal Ship, Tomb, Temple, Chariot, and even a Grave Robber, lest any Playmobil mummy have anticipated resting in peace. Enter to win.

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