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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Day 25: BOB Revolution SE 2011

Day 25: BOB Revolution SE 2011

Strollers, like people, have characters to them. The name BOB is an abbreviation for “Beast Of Burden,” and while there are now many variations on the original BOB stroller, they all are designed to be reliable helpers and friends to the family.

Today’s giveaway, the BOB Revolution SE 2011, is a big favorite because of its adaptable functions. It’s a great jogging stroller, with a comfortable ride for kids, adjustable suspension, and a tracking adjustment knob that lets you correct the front wheel to keep it straight. When you’re done jogging, you can unlock the front wheel and transform the Revolution into an incredibly easy-to-maneuver everyday stroller that can handle any tight space. Because of this, the BOB Revolution SE may well be the only stroller your family needs: a loyal family friend that will carry your kids for years with nary a complaint.

In our daily poring-through of the internet, looking for other famous Bobs, Roberts, and Bobbys to highlight, we discovered a historical character who fits perfectly with the spirit of this stroller: Bobbie the Wonder Dog of Silverton, Oregon. In 1923, Bobbie was lost by his family in Indiana. After an exhaustive search, the broken-hearted family went home to Oregon, but six months later, a tired and hungry Bobbie showed up on their front porch, having walked for 2,800 miles! Bobbie became famous nationwide for his loyalty, and every year, Silverton honors him with a yearly children’s pet parade. See pictures of Bobbie, his family, and the pet parade here, or check out more stories of incredibly faithful dogs here.

BOB the Wonder Stroller is designed to serve you and your children with all the devotion of its canine namesake. Treat your BOB Revolution SE well, and you can expect many years of happy strolling. Enter to win one today!

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