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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Day 24: Valco Astro High Chair

Day 24: Valco Astro High Chair

Valco Astro High ChairWhen space is at a premium, a high chair can be a bit of a glutton for square footage. At mealtimes, there’s no getting around it (sometimes literally), but in between meals, wouldn’t it be nice if it could just disappear? The Valco Astro High Chair comes about as close as it can — without involving a magic wand.

The Astro folds down small and flat, to proportions roughly the size of a bulky winter coat. Pop it in the closet or just hide it behind or beneath something and you’ll practically forget it’s there, at least until lunch.

When it comes out of hiding, you’ll find the Valco Astro to be a very robust high chair, given its size. No, it doesn’t recline, and the seat does not adjust in height. But it is a plush, generously-sized seat with a very nice tray that’s easy to remove (and dishwasher safe). The semi-circular base adds lots of stability and the weight limit is 44 pounds. The leatherette fabric feels luxe and is also easy to clean.

Despite its good looks and useful features, the Valco Astro costs just $150. A bargain any day of the week, but today you can get yours for free. Enter to win now!

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