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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans

Day 21 – Monte Luca Glider

Monte Luca GliderThis is a story that’s taken me almost 11 months to tell, mostly because the humiliation has just recently worn off. Almost.

At the ABC Kids Expo this past September, I was in rough shape. I was barely 4 weeks post-partum and terribly sick with what we would later discover was Crohn’s Disease. I could barely walk around the vast convention center (and in fact, finally broke down and rented a scooter which went a long way towards cheering me up), and between the pain and a hungry newborn, I was doing a lot of sitting.

One day, I happened by the Monte booth just as Zev was starting to fuss. I asked if I could stop and sit to feed him in one of the inviting Luca Gliders. They were incredibly welcoming, and I settled in and covered up with my Bebe Au Lait. Just as we were finishing up, Zev gave a high-pitched little sound and then proceeded to vomit profusely all over himself, me, and the gorgeous chair. The sales staff from Monte had no inkling of the catastrophe that was brewing underneath my nursing cover. Panicked, I furtively grabbed a cloth diaper and reached under the cover, scrubbing at everything I could reach, smiling brightly the whole time. When I was finished, I lifted the cover, prepared for the worst. I was astonished to see the chair was spotless. The rich, brown microsuede fabric bore no evidence of anything aside from a very slight damp spot. O-kay. I straightened myself up, thanked the Monte crew and went on my way.

Today’s giveaway is a Monte Luca Glider (you choose the color), a chair that is comfortable, perfectly proportioned for breastfeeding and, fortunately, indestructible. Enter to win.

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