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Day 2 – Lost in Legoland, Surrounded by Superheroes

Day 2 – Lost in Legoland, Surrounded by Superheroes


Our second day at Toy Fair started with superheroes. We encountered several of them standing guard near the entrance of the exhibit hall, and — who could blame us? — we struck a pose. But we spent most of our day previewing the new products from Lego (and planning our entire year’s inventory for 2006, to make sure we’re in line for all the new and hot products). I’ve already written about Lego’s new partnership with Ferrari, but Lego, still soaring from the incredible response to their Star Wars product line in 2005, has secured a few other great partnerships for 2006. Most notable is the new Batman series, debuting in March. These sets are very well done, and fans of the legendary superhero franchise will be impressed by the attention to detail.

In addition to these licensed products, Lego has put a lot of thought and effort into their whole product line for 2006, and it was a very exhilirating tour. They’ve finally updated their techie-cool Mindstorms product, a Lego-meets-robotics experience that is a staple in the MIT Media Lab. Already a cool concept, Mindstorms hasn’t been touched in almost four years, and boy has the technology improved. The new Mindstorms works on PC or Mac, and features Bluetooth, so it can even be controlled using a cell phone. It’s Lego for geniuses, but supposedly the rest of us will think it’s fun, too.

Tomorrow, the going gets tough and the tough get going. We’re halfway through, and it’s time to get serious. Or get some sleep?

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